Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Different Generation

Man, did I get a reality check the other night.

Hannah took a piece of paper and some crayons and went to the table and told me she was making me an email. When she was finished she brought it to me and said I could "look at my email" now. This is a picture of it.


When I was 3, if the word "email" came out of my mouth my parents would have thought I made up the cutest little words.

That is just so funny to me.


Betty said...

Hannah is just so smart to make you an email! And I love her email. Thanks for sharing it. Love to all.

Grandmom said...

If she isn't already sending mail she will be soon. Computers are very easy for the young.

dgayle said...

How sweet, and smart. She is growing too fast!!

JoniDH said...

AAAWWWW!!! I just love the way that girl thinks!

Wendy said...

she is a genious!! and very artisic and she gets that from Nannah!!

Aunt Wendy

Kathy said...

Elijah was typing on a computer keyboard the other day and told me that he was "sending an email to grandma" I thought the same thing about how strange it would have been for us to have used that word. Also, the other day my mom took him to KMart to look at costumes and he kept telling her, "we saw this one online didn't we,grandma?" I didn't know what online was until I was at least 16!