Saturday, October 17, 2009

Angel's Food

Well, we got Angel Food Ministries food again this month. I chose to spend $50 this month on it and get some extra breaded chicken.

There use to be a wonderful restaurant near our house called Angel's. It was a meat and 3 cafeteria style place that Hannah LOVED! She was so sad when they closed and still mentions them regularly and asks when they are going to get food again for us to eat. Anyway, last month she was really confused that we were picking up our Angel Food but we were not going to Angel's to eat. She got to go with me and see it and I think she realized it was really different. Well, today I went to get it by myself and she told her Daddy that "Mommy was going to get food for angels." She is still working on getting the concept. :-)

Here is what we ordered..Here is all the food once we got it home.
I think I calculated that I got meat for about 16 meals for our family here. That is not including any of the extras (like milk and cookies) or any of the sides (like lima beans and apples). Not too bad for $50!


dgayle said...

I got mine too! I know the people who had Angel's -- it was good.

Grandmom said...

Looks like a lot of food for $50.
Hope it works for you! Just have to keep menus and shop from the freezer and pantry. I really liked it when we were using it. We just got so much food we couldn't use it all before next purchase time. It was always good.