Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Book

Recovering Charles was great. It is fiction. It is about one man's story of how Hurricane Katrina affected him. Really good.

I am a real fan of Jason F Wright. All three of the ones I have read of his are wonderful. There is one more that I have not yet read - it is called The James Miracle. I also just found out that in March of 2010 he has another book coming out titled The Cross Gardener. I plan on trying to find both of these to read! All of his books are current, real, but also clean. All 3 of the ones I have read so far have characters that are Godly and encourage goodness and kindness. It is a nice thing to see.

I just saw that he has made his novel Christmas Jars into a children's book and that this month he had a sequel to Christmas Jars come out called Christmas Jars Reunion. I want to read them both!! I am very excited!

Now, if you know me at all, you know what book I am reading next. It has been beside my bed called to me while I was finishing Recovering Charles. The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. His latest. I am very excited! I will let you know!

I looked up some things on him and he has 2 new movies based on his books coming out this year Dear John and The Last Song. Also, coming up he will have The Lucky One and True Believer as movies. Yipppeeeee! (Hint Hint (chris) - I still have not seen Nights in Rodanthe!!)


Jason Wright said...

What a sweet review. Thank you! Glad you liked RC...(and the other books too)

I am really excited for the March book. Hope you like it, too :)

Wendy said...

What??? Jason Wright the author commented on your blog????
I'm in shock and awe!!! WOW!!!

i love you
aunt wendy

Jason Wright said...

Thanks, Aunt Wendy ;-) You're too kind! I love reading blogs and Google alerted me to this one. So here I am!

Grandmom said...

How nice to have Jason Wright to comment! I thought your review was excellent also. I was thrilled with the "Christmas Jars" and began to search for others by him. As you know I have enjoyed all that I have read. Hope he keeps writing such excellent literature for us. Love you!

Jason Wright said...

Thanks, Grandmom1 Hope you like the new sequel to Christmas Jars just as much :)

Julie said...

Mindy!!!! That is soooo fabulous...not once, but three times! What a nice guy!...cute picture too.