Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our Sunday Pictures

Chris did Sunday morning all by his lonesome this week. He was a trooper while I went to my parent's house to help mom for the weekend.Didn't he do SO good?
Thank You Chris!
I love you!


Betty said...

He did great! So proud of all of you - love the Sunday pictures!

Wendy said...

Chris, You did a fabulous job!!!
You are an awesome daddy!!!

Aunt Wendy

JoniDH said...

GREAT JOB, CHRIS! We missed all of you in NC but thanks for letting your sweet wife come to NC - we had a great time with Mindy and Elizabeth. I'm a little lost without them here now! Love you All!!

dgayle said...

Chris did great! Hannah's hair was cute, too. I aksed him if he did Sunday pictures and Hannah looked at me and said"yes, in my room".

Grandmom said...

Sunday pictures are great. Just as I anticiipated them to be. Chris I can't imagine why everyone seems to be so surprised. Love you four!