Saturday, December 19, 2009

Exciting Things Happen Part 2

Hannah sat on Santa's lap.

TWICE.(Look at her eyes - she is smiling!)

They were a bit of some extenuating circumstances.
  • At Publix, we were all alone and there was no one else there.
  • At school, she was able to have a front seat look at everyone else going up there and she knew most of them.
  • At Publix, Daddy was able to slowly and patiently take her up to Santa.
  • At school, she was able to sit on Santa's lap with Reese.
  • At Publix, she got a lollipop.
  • At school, Mrs Laura was handing out gift bags.
  • At Publix and at school, they were really great Santas with real beards and nice gentle personalities.
  • At Publix and at school, we had to tell her it was just someone dressed up for fun.
She loved both and it is so exciting to have good Santa experiences.


Betty said...

YEAH! Such cute pictures! Hannah was very excited about telling me she had sat on Santa's lap and I can really see the excitement in these pictures!

Wendy said...

Hannah is really a big girl now!!!
I am so proud of you Hannah!!!
Santa is pretty cool.

love you,
Aunt Wendy