Monday, December 14, 2009


A few weeks ago we were all upstairs playing and Hannah reminded Daddy of his promise to let her help him put lights on the bushes outside the house.

It was COLD. So, Justus and I stayed in and Hannah and Daddy went to put lights on the bushes outside. On their way out I asked Chris to remember to take some pictures.

These two pictures are what I got! Aren't they the cutest?!

When I asked Chris how they looked he said that he let her put them on and they were not really straight but she stepped back and gasped and said "Daddy, they are so beautiful!" Chris said he would not have moved ("corrected") them for the world after that!

Next time you go by a house and think how lopsided or uneven the lights look, think about who may have put them up! They are Beautiful just the way they are!


Betty said...

As I'm sure they are beautiful. Hannah also told me how pretty the lights on the bushes were. Maybe you can get a picture when it's not so cold. And lopsided ornaments hung in one spot on the tree are beautiful in their eyes too. (but since you don't have ornaments, you wouldn't know that! He he!)

JoniDH said...

Hannah also told me about the lights on the bushes - and what CUTE pictures - they both look so happy to be doing a joint project! Great memories!

Wendy said...

Awe how precious!

Grandmom said...

can hardly wait to see the lights on your bushes. I know they are beautiful.