Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Pioneer Woman

Look Who I Met!
Look who I made come with me to meet her!

The Story of the Book!
So, the first time she posted her book tour on her website Nashville was not on it, so I of course told her she should consider it. And, of course, she listened to her dear friend Mindy and the next time the list was up, Nashville was on it! Yippeeee! I marked it on my calendar and started thinking of way I could get up there to see her.

With our money situation, I was pretty sure I could not afford a book but I talked to Elizabeth about meeting me up there, us having a little girls night, and me just trying to get a couple of pictures and then go home.

Well, I was telling my mom this plan and how excited I was and she was .... silent. Weird Silent. Finally, mom said "do you want one of your Christmas presents early? I have already gotten the book for you and it was going to be your big surprise for Christmas. I was so proud of this gift!" I told her she should be more proud now because now I can get it autographed! I asked her to ship it and.... walah! I had the book! Yipppeeeeeeeeeee!

The Story of the Number!
So, I go to the bookstore about an hour early and ask when they are going to be giving our group numbers for the book signing. They say, "we started giving out numbers the day the book went on sale." And they look at me.

I am pretty sure I am not crazy - I am just a little uninformed - but he looked at me like I was crazy.

So, I ask for a number and they give me #15. I am in group 15. Wow! I asked how many people are in a group. The answer - 25. Hummmm.... This may be a longer night than expected, but oh well. I tell Elizabeth I am in for the long haul and I will not be offended if she wants to leave. Of course, she doesn't!! Yippppeeeeeeeee!!

FYI: They got thru about 4 groups and hour so I got home at about 11.30pm - WOW! I was tired! (I think Ree got tired of signing all those books - what a sweetheart to stay there so so long!) And I saw some people had group 21 on their paper! Ahhhh!

The Story of the Camera!
So, there really isn't a story. It just flowed with the post. My camera did not like the lighting and, well, it frustrated me. Oh well. At least I got something.

The Story of the Unexpected Present!
Ree brought her sister and her best friend with her to the book signing and they were sweet enough to pass out cute tee-shirts to everyone and I was so excited that I slept in the tee-shirt when I got home! It was very comfy but a little snug! Oh well, it is still cute.

The Story of Our Turn!
Ree was so so nice despite the late hour! What a fun adventure!

PS: don't be too disappointed, but I won't be one of the pictures on her blog. She didn't even take a picture of us. Man, I knew I should have brought Justus! His cutie face would have definitely had her blogging about us! he he!


Betty said...

Merry Christmas Mindy! How exciting that your gift turned into multiple gifts. Glad you had this exciting evening.

JoniDH said...

Okay, Mom is SO SO jealous but SO glad you and Elizabeth had such a fun adventure! Mom loves PW, too. I'm expecting to hear about all the fabulous PW recipes you make!
Merry Christmas, darling!

Elizabeth said...


dgayle said...

Soooo Jealous of you!! I am glad you had a great time and now I can say I have a friend you touched the Pioneer Woman and say it with pride! You go girl.

Wendy said...

HOW COOL!!! I love you!!!
and also a bit jealous.

love you,
Aunt Wendy

Kathy said...

OK, I've never heard of this lady -please tell me what I'm missing out on...

Julie said...

Very cool! Patience and a very sweet momma made a fun memory!