Monday, December 21, 2009

Let The Record Show

We Do Have Ornaments On Our Christmas Tree!

Here is Justus "putting up ornaments."
Here is Hannah putting up ornaments.(I think next year we may have 2 helpers!?)

We tried to get Justus with Mommy and Daddy at the tree (with ornaments) and he was not having it! At all. So, here is some cuddle time with Hannah.It was a fun fun night.


JoniDH said...

SO glad to see ornaments on the tree - you are exonerated - love Hannah reaching up high to hang her ornaments. And who wants to hang ornaments when there's a football to play with? Do you think the male "I don't do Christmas trees" gene kicks in this early????

Love the pictures - thanks!

Kathy said...

When will you be in NC?

dgayle said...

Love these pictures.

Grandmom said...

Sweet pictures!
Making precious memories!
Love you four so much!

Wendy said...

Love the ornaments! Think this is the most beautiful family I have ever seen!
Love you all,
aunt wendy