Thursday, December 24, 2009


What happens when you are a 14 month old little boy, you are at the church building, you are wearing a cute pair of overalls and some cute cowboy boots, you leak out of your diaper and get your overalls wet, and your very brilliant Mommy and Daddy didn't bring you a change of clothes?

You have to walk around wearing just a onsie and some boots and your pride gets hurt just a little.
Poor Thing.


JoniDH said...

Poor thing!! But, Justus, you are the cutest little cowboy I know!!

Betty said...

Justus, you still have to remember that you have wonderful parents who just forgot that extra outfit. If it will make you feel better, and probably give you a little chuckle, I have a picture of your Dad in his cowboy boots and his spiderman underwear - and he thought he was dressed and ready to go!

dgayle said...

Still a cutie patootie!

Wendy said...

I love love love the boots and bare legs!!!

Aunt Wendy