Thursday, December 17, 2009

He is Growing Up.

So, he is about 15 months old now.

I know he is growing up.

I get it.

But there was something about Justus in his jeans and jacket the other day that just made me get a little lump in my throat. He looked so big. I can hardly believe it.

((Of course, he was not that happy with me trying to get him to be still so that I could get his picture. he he!))


Betty said...

Mindy, you have two beautiful, precisous children - one who will pose for pictures and one you have to chase to get a quick snapshot! He does look so big and grown up in his jeans and jacket. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures! Love to all!

JoniDH said...

Wow! Isn't he the cutest? Can't wait to see you, Justus!
Love You All!

dgayle said...

So sweet! And Sunday --- Jeanna and I sais he looked so --- well, preppy --- turtleneck and plaid sports jacket! Eaat your heart out little girls.