Tuesday, July 24, 2007


3 Years ago today I married the perfect man for me. (Ladies, you know I think he is the perfect man ever but I understand you may think that about your hubbies too so I added the "for me" part just for you.) We have had a wonderful 3 years and I look forward to spending many many many more with him.

I did realize, as I was trying to do this post that I do not have a lot of wedding pictures of Chris and I on the computer. I have a lot of wedding pictures but they are all in albums. Weird. Anyway, our wedding was absolutely perfect and beautiful. Everything was done ahead of time, I did not stress, I enjoyed every minute of it and remember it all. We had SO much fun!!

One day when we were dating (I don't think we had been dating very long), a song came on the radio and Chris informed me that he had decided it was our song. We played it at our reception. Chris is so sweet.

I Fall
Brooks and Dunn

I breeze through the day
And nothin' much seems to get in my way
I don't have a care at all
You walk in the room
It's always the same
You call out my name
I turn
You smile
I fall

I'm at home at night
Just me and the moon
But doin' all right
When out of the blue you call
I hang up the phone

I lay down in bed
Your still in my head
I dream
You smile
I fall

Oh what could this feeling be
Could it really be love
That's happening to me
Oh yeah yeah

The closer you get
The harder it is to keep it together
I don't have a chance at all
It's out of my hands
Oh but what can I do
I'm crazy for you
We touch
You smile
I fall

Oh Yeah
We touch
You smile
I fall


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JoniDH said...

The wedding was fun and beautiful....but the marriage is the real beauty....Happy Anniversary! Love You Both - Lots!

bettyd said...

Keep "smiling" and "falling". Happy Anniversary! Love to all!