Monday, July 30, 2007

Chuck E Cheese

Tonight is the last night for our big family of 8 to be together under one roof. Elizabeth and Keith are closing on their house tomorrow and staying in their brand spankin' new house tomorrow night. I am so excited that they are getting to finally have a house to call theirs but they will be missed. We have all had lots of fun this summer.

We decided to go to Chuck E Cheese on our last night together. Of course, after we ate we all went our separate ways to play all different games so I only got pictures of Hannah but we were all together. It was a fun evening.

Pray for Keith and Elizabeth during the move this week. Pray for little stress and safe and successful moving!


JoniDH said...

I know you are going to miss the Stokes - But I'm so excited for them moving into their new house.

Hannah looks kind of interested in the Chuck E Cheese stuff - but a far cry from the reaction you and Marsha used to give even when we pulled in the parking lot - squeeling delight!

Melissa said...

Hannah doesn't look to be too happy on the merry go round. I think she is enjoying Barney though! Looks like you had a fun evening!