Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hannah's New Thing

When Hannah is very serious about something or just sitting there she will stick her bottom lip out. Well, one day I stuck my bottom lip out back at her and she thought it was so funny. She will do it back to you and then we both laugh and then we do it again. The funny thing is when she tries to stick her bottom lip out while she is still laughing and can't because she is smiling. It is so funny. I am so thankful for the simple laughter Hannah brings to me and Chris.


bettyd said...

I love that precious smile...such a happy little girl!

JoniDH said...

She is such a hoot! Hope she will always have fun laughing and making faces!

Wendy said...

So cute... Becca did the same thing, now she knows to do it to Tracy to get what she wants. Watch out! It's hard to say no.