Tuesday, December 11, 2007

5 Ornament Stories

I think everyone who has a blog and reads this should blog about their Christmas Tree Ornaments. I want to know at least 5 stories about your Christmas Tree Ornaments!!

Here are mine:

When I was young there was a group of us that were really close. We all went to church together and were all about the same age. Nick, Len, Leslie, Sara Jo, Alaina, and me. I hate that not all of us are as close any more, but that is what growing up does for you I suppose. Of course, there were always ups and downs between us all but in the end we all knew we really loved each other very much and would be, in our hearts, together always. My junior year of high school Leslie was killed in a car accident. It took a great toll on us all. My mom got me this ornament to put on my tree every year to honor her. I love it and I make sure it is in a great place on the tree each year. A part of her spirit is in all of us still - I know!

Last Christmas I was clueless as to what to do for Chris from Hannah. But I really wanted there to be something under the tree from just her. This is what I found and it has become one of my favorite ornaments. It looks so cute on our tree. When I glance at it, it looks like a child really colored on it.

I am a Willow Tree fan. If have been to my house you probably know that already. This ornament was given to me and the card with it says "Trusting in life's everyday miracles." I love that. I think it is what shows us God each day. The everyday miracles that happen around us all the time. When I pulled that ornament out this year and read that, it warmed my heart.

This is the first ornament I ever received from the Ladies Ornament Swap with the ladies from our congregation. There really is something about that time with all the ladies of the congregation that I enjoy so much. I am already looking forward to next year. I think if I start looking for ornaments right after Christmas, I may be able to get my $10 to go pretty far! I have come to learn as I get older that being with other ladies is an important part of my sanity. :-) (You know what I mean!) Sometimes, you just really need another girl's insight! (Especially from those who have walked miles before you!)

These are a few of the ornaments that my mom has made in the past and put on our packages at Christmas. I think they are so cute and really make my tree look colorful. I have found a greater appreciation for them this year as I have learned they look great on the bottom limbs of the tree and they can not be broken. In other words, they are Hannah friendly, which is very helpful to me and Chris.

That was a really fun trip down memory lane.... Your Turn!

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Over here, it's me said...

1.) Growing up one of my favorites was a clear plastic ornament with a piece inside that would spin like a pinwheel. We had about ten of those.
2.) The others are not ornaments, but favorite decorations. We had a set of lights on the tree that look like icicles. Each light was about 5 inches long.
3.) My grandmother had a set of Christmas houses. They were made of heavy paper and had rough surfaces of white powder that simulated snow.
4.) Tinsel and lots of it, you know the aluminimum foil type.
5.) A dancing Santa that would sit on the mantle. This one was purchased when Marsha was a baby. It is one of her favorites and she has it now. We both always enjoyed watching Santa juggle a ball while dancing.

Papa Joe