Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy 83rd Birthday

Mr. and Mrs. Steele have grown to be very special to me, Chris, and Hannah. As you can see, they were there when Hannah was born. And since we don't see any of Hannah's Grandparents weekly, they adopted her as theirs immediately.

Mr. Steele is an elder for our congregation and today is his 83rd birthday.

He has not been feeling very well and has not been able to come to church lately so we went to see them tonight. They were so happy to get hugs and kisses from Hannah. Unfortunately, I believe he will have to go back into the hospital tomorrow.

Celebrate his life with us in your heart.
And Please keep him in your prayers.


Keith said...

I'm so glad that you guys were able to visit with them. I know they enjoyed it as well. We'll keep them in our prayers.

Keith said...

This comment and the one above is actually from Libby. I was accidentally signed in as Keith. :)

bettyd said...

I'm glad you got to visit with them. I know it was some what of a surprise when they were able to come to Church when we were there. I believe he had just gotten out of the hospital then. They are fortunate to have your family in their lives, but your family is very fortunate to have them in your lives! Send him our birthday wishes and we will keep him in our prayers.

JoniDH said...

Happy birthday, Mr. Steele! They are wonderful people. So glad Hannah has gotten to enjoy them sitting on "your pew".