Sunday, December 16, 2007

Our Sunday Pictures

Once again.... posted ON SUNDAY!!!

I just love this picture of Chris getting Hannah dressed this morning.

This week I got the camera out and Hannah looked at me, ran to the kitchen table, stuck her arms up and started whining. I figured that might mean I should try to find another place to take our pictures besides the kitchen table... so we tried the rocker today.

Notice Hannah is turning her tongue over. I believe that is something you are either born to do or not. I don't think you can learn it. Her Daddy can do it and her Mommy can not.. SO, I suppose we know where that gene comes from. Also, if you look closely, you can see the tip of that pesky tooth that is giving us so much trouble.

She is really saying the word "cheese" here. She says it often when I get the camera out but I hardly ever actually get the picture while she is saying it. She is Quick!!!


JoniDH said...

Hannah - Pretty in pink - or blue, or red, or yellow, or green!! And Chris, what a great Christmas tie!Thanks for always sharing your Sunday mornings! I look forward to it. Love to all! Mom/Nannah

Libby said...

I think it's hilarious that she went to the table for her picture!! She's cute no matter where you take it.

Grandmom said...

Hannah, you are so beautiful and especially in pink! And you are so patient with daddy helping with the fasteners. You know sometimes daddys have big, strong hands and they have trouble with buttons and snaps and zippers on little girls clothes. You are a sweet girl. I love your smiles!