Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Great Idea

Last year a wonderful girl at church had this idea....

We all send Christmas cards out to people in our congregation. We all spend lots of money on stamps and lots of time on addressing them. Why don't we just give cards to each other?

So, for a few weeks before Christmas there are boxes labeled with alphabet ranges (you know, like A-E, F-K and so on). You can write all your Christmas cards and then put them in the corresponding box of the person's last name you are sending it to. Do this by a certain date. She sorts the cards. Then you go pick up all the Christmas cards people sent to you.

It is so fun to feel like you are able to send more Christmas cards because you don't have to worry with stamps and addresses. (Even though we still didn't buy enough to send to everyone at church that we wanted to..) And it is so fun the day you get your cards. The first thing Chris and I did when we got home tonight is dig into our cards. It is so fun and so special to see all the Christmas wishes.

I suggest it for every congregation. It is very fun.

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JoniDH said...

I love this idea - so much fun! What a blessing our Church family is!