Friday, February 20, 2009

Air Jordans

(( I was looking thru some pictures and realized that I took some a while ago to blog about and I never got a chance to... these pictures are from the middle of January! Crazy!))

SO, we are fans of hand-me-downs. We love getting them, using them, and then passing them on to others who can use them. It is fun.

One day I was going thru some hand-me-downs and we found these. Air Jordans for Justus. They are tiny! They are so so cute. (I feel guilty that I don't know who handed them down to us!) Chris was excited. One day we are all about to leave for a fun outing and Justus was wearing red and Chris decided we needed to try the Air Jordans on him. He actually had already practically grown out of them (so he didn't wear them out) but we took some pictures anyway just to show that he had some on at the ripe young age of almost-4-months old!



Christopher said...


Mindy said...

Ahhhhhh! Yes! Thank you Johnston family!

Melissa said...

Aren't those some cute shoes! I hate that he has grown out of them before he got to really show them off! I too am a big fan of Hand me downs! Unfortunatly Landon doesn't really get any more hand me downs since all the little people he knows is either younger than him or there are 2 boys in the family so they don't get passed down.

JoniDH said...

Wow, Justus, quite the fashion bug you are! What a blessing to have friends who share!

And look at you standing up - won't be long and you will be chasing Hannah around the house!

I Love You!


Wendy said...

looks like Justus could shoot some hoops!! woop woop!!