Tuesday, February 24, 2009


... Or, that stupid box, as I lovingly call it most days.

I could go on and on about my thoughts on TV, the garbage on it (including commercials), the time it has taken away from family togetherness, how much of our country's money goes into entertainment, and how sick to my stomach it all makes me -- but I am going to try to spare everyone.

Let's just say that TV takes on a whole new role in the home once kids are involved.

Hannah never watched TV during the day when she went to day care. I had decided to incorporate some TV into our day once I started staying home. Like, at 6 am when Hannah gets up, she crawls in bed with me, I turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and get another 20 minutes of snoozing. Then we watch Sesame Street (some times) in the late morning. And in the afternoon while I am fixing supper she can watch Arthur.

I was feeling pretty good about 2 hours a day of TV until I caught one episode of that show about the family with 17 children. They watch 7 hours of TV a month.

Anyway..... when Daddy gets home there is usually some kind of sport on the TV while we play at night.

OK, wow, writing it down makes it look like we are in front of the TV a lot more than I would like to admit.

The TV was not on so Hannah was playing "watching TV" for pretend. I asked her what she was watching.

She said Golf!

Of all the things that she could pretend to watch - Golf, I think, I can handle.


Ben said...

I would venture to guess that if Hannah had to fight over which channel to watch with 16 siblings, she would watch 7 hours or less a month.

JoniDH said...

I'm just laughing at the visual of her "pretending" to watch TV....Do you know how many mommies would LOVE it if their child would do that? Hannah IS unique.......

purejoy said...

i agree with ben. . . fighting with one sibling about what to watch is enough. imagine 17. and i feel the same way as i struggle with why in the world do i watch the bachelor?? and with my 17 year old daughter?? yikes. i don't think this is mother-of-the-year material!!
enjoyed your blog and too am praying for jonah.
have a blessed (and tv-free) day!