Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day

When Chris took the kids out on Valentine's morning I made him put them in Valentine's Day outfits. ("Made" in the very loose sense of the word!) Anyway, here they are.

Justus' shirt says "My Heart Belongs to Mommy." Do you know this is the only Valentine's Day outfit I could find at Target for a boy? (At least in his size.) Crazy.

Hannah's shirt says "Sweet." She was excited that both her and Justus had red pants. She is very in to matchy matchy! Can you see the little heart sewn knees?

And in case you missed them, yes, she has on red heart earrings. NO, she did not wear these out but asking to take them off for the picture is the craziest question ever! Obviously. In this picture, I told her to pose and show off her earrings. She is funny.


JoniDH said...

Love the Valentine outfits. And, Hannah, love love love the earrings! Personally, I think they just make the outfit!

dgayle said...

Hannah, love the earrings. I might need to borrow those sometime!

Betty said...

What cuties in their matching red pants! Love the hearts on Hannah's knees, but the earrings are over the top. Ahhhh...playing dress-up with heart earrings. How special.

Wendy said...

That's right Hannah....a little bling makes a girl feel sooooo good!!!
I love you
Aunt Wendy