Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hannah Funnies


We have been doing great with the potty training and she has been taking her nap in her panties for a while and doing great. She did great a few nights also and so we were thinking we may even be out of the pull-ups phase too which would be great.

One night (after a long day and a fun night of playing with her friends Willa and Reese) we let her sleep in her panties. By the way, she begs to sleep in them. She says that pull-ups are scratchy and does not like them.

About 1.30 in the morning she busts into our room (she literally "busts" in - she is not gentle, quiet, or graceful when she is half asleep) and says very loudly "Daddy, I need a pull up Right Now!" She says this over and over until we finally wake up enough to get it. She had an accident in her bed. We couldn't help but laugh at how she decided to break the news to us.


When Justus was born she got a book about a little boy and little girl having a baby brother. It is a really cute book and Hannah loves it. It shows the Mommy pregnant and then the Mommy not pregnant holding the baby. This book made it really click with Hannah that Justus was inside Mommy's "tummy" and then he came out. So we have been talking about this.

We told her that she came out of Mommy's "tummy" too and that Mommy came out of Nannah's "tummy" and that Daddy came out of Maw Maw's "tummy."

She knows this pretty well and so we are asking her about it....
"Hannah, whose tummy did you come out of?"
"Hannah, whose tummy did Mommy come out of?"
"Hannah, whose tummy did Daddy come out of?"
"Maw Maw and Poppa Bob's"
"NO, Hannah, just Maw Maw's"
"Daddy's too big to just come out of MawMaw's tummy"

Hope You Got A Giggle Out Of These!


JoniDH said...

How funny! Can you imagine what she visualizes! Children are so cute.

Nannah & Papa Joe will think about the pull up story and just randomly look at the other and say, "I need a pull up, RIGHT NOW!"

Thanks for all the smiles, lauhgs, giggles, and PURE JOY, Hannah!

I Love You, Darlin'!

dgayle said...

I love both of those stories. she is a sweetheart.

Sara Jo said...

I am seriously laughing out loud! I love this girl!!!!