Thursday, February 19, 2009

Comfort In Knowing

Every time my sweet little two year old baby girl goes to sleep she always always asks the same questions.

"Mommy, when I get up, who's coming and where we going?"

I am very serious. At night and during the day for nap. Every Time!!

Sometimes we sigh about it. Sometimes we laugh about it. Sometimes we roll our eyes about it. But every time, we answer the question, she usually verifies the information by repeating it or inquiring a little further, she accepts it, and then she lays her head down and goes to sleep.

I have to say, when I look at myself, I completely understand why she does this. I am the same way. It usually does not really matter to me what we do or where we go but I just like to know. There is some kind of comfort in knowing.

Speaking of "comfort in knowing", I have felt a bit uncomfortable lately. Have you ever heard of Kroger Marketplace?

Well, we just got one. I loved loved loved knowing my old Kroger (the one this marketplace replaced). It was just regular. Nothing too fancy or crazy. The greatest part of our old Kroger was that I knew where just about everything was, I knew most of the cashiers, I knew the greeter man, and I could get in and out of there fairly quickly.

I am uncomfortable and terrified of this new Kroger Marketplace. There is a jewelry store in it (a real jewelry store) and a Starbucks, and a furniture department, and a clothing department. Really crazy when you just want to go and buy some groceries. I am officially intimidated and am not sure I want to go back.

Here is the problem. With all of this saving money mind-set, I have to consider one thing. This new fancy schmancy Kroger Marketplace is probably less then 2 miles from my house. Really, I have just got to get in there, learn it, embrace it, love it, and gain back my "comfort in knowing".

Can I throw a small whoa-is-poor-little-ole-me temper tantrum now please? Just for a moment?
**Whine**Whine**Whine** I don't want to get use to this new big store! **Whine**Whine**Whine**

OK. Whew. Thanks for letting me get that out. In about 8 years when I am raving about how I don't know how I got along before Kroger sold EVERYTHING all under one roof, please remind me of this post so we can all laugh together.


JoniDH said...

It's like brown, girl - - - EMBRACE IT!!

Just so you know - I love you and your sweet, sweet Hannah!

Mom / Nannah

me said...

Don't forget to tell Hannah when she will see Papa Joe and Nannah in a few weeks. I can't wait to see all of you.

Speaking of grocery shopping....There is always that dependable low price, not flashy Food Lion just another two miles down the road. They have good old American NON-union employees. Yeah, I'll admit it, in Raleigh last week I got a deal or two in a Kroger. But I don't buy from them unless I feel that I'm sticking it to'em. And I did!

OH, tell Chris something for me. GO TARHEELS!

The Johnston's said...

I've been. It is a bit overwhelming at first. They will offer you a map at the door! I think I will soon learn the layout. I found it helpful to go alone, when I did not have anything that I really needed to buy. I just walked the store. Think of it as exercise!