Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our Sunday Pictures

Why are our Sunday pictures a little crazy?

Why are our Sunday pictures late?

Why did I go 5 days without blogging last week?

Upcoming Post will reveal!!

Craziness in the CMD Family!


JoniDH said...

They are still cute!! Where's Hannah's hair - is she weraing it up? I can't help it, I love that dress! And, Mr. Justus, how grown up you look! I wish I was there for lots of kisses!

Wait.....what's that smell?
(Couldn't resist).

Love you all!

Betty said...

Pretty princess and handsome little man...I, as Joni, couldn't tell where Hannah's hair was, and they look so nice in their cute outfits. I think in the third picture with Hannah and Justus together, Justus noticed the same smell Joni is referring to.....

Kathy said...

Now I'm curious about the craziness...

Wendy said...

Looks like Justus is getting the hang of Sunday pictures and Hannah is definately a pro.
love you
Aunt Wendy