Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Ever seen one of these?

Well, wait....
I said I would tell you all the craziness so I will start from the beginning.

Wednesday morning - 1AM
"Chris, my tummy feels funny!"

Wednesday morning - 1.30AM
"Chris, I am going to throw up!"

I throw up more than once and have a fever over 101 all day Wednesday. Chris, my wonderful husband, stays home from work while I stay in bed.

Wednesday night - 5.30PM
My temp is still up and I still feel nauseous. I am going to the doc.

I am at the doctor's office. They want to give me some medicine but want to be sure I am not.... gulp..... um...... well.... they want to be sure I am not.... pregnant.

I look at my doc and say "Um, excuse me, I can not be pregnant. I have a 4 month old." She looked at me with very sweet and sorrowful eyes, as if she is about to tell me about the birds and the bees and how babies are made when I stop her. "OK, I understand, but really... I am not pregnant!" Then she asks me the dreaded request. "Please pee in this cup so we can be sure." This is when "Mindy:The Stage Fright Urinate-or" comes out. I sit in the bathroom with running water and drinking water for 30 minutes. Nothing.

The doc finally gives me the prescription and says that I need to take a pregnancy test first before I take the medicine. "But I am not pregnant" I said. She looks at me sternly and I just say "Yes Mam", hang my head, and go.

SO - DRAMA #1 - I go to the drug store and I have to buy a pregnancy test and I am hoping and praying I do not see anyone I know. I take the test. NO! NO! NO! I am not pregnant. I almost called the doc just to say "I told you so" but thought that would be a bit childish!

I am finally feeling back up to 100% Saturday. We have a wonderful day!

Sunday Morning - 4AM
I am sleeping soundly and dreaming of .... weird .... I am dreaming about cooking. I have enjoyed the life of cooking supper for my family but .... NOT that much.

Sunday Morning - 4.15AM
Chris: Mindy, do you smell that?
Mindy: Yes, I told you I put that rotten onion in the trash.
(( side note: my grandmother tells Chris when we get engaged that the women in my family don't do the trash. I had never heard of this rule, however, I play along and .... leave the trash to him. Thanks Grandmom!!))
Chris: I took it out!
Mindy: Maybe I put some in the garbage disposal and forgot to run it. That smells horrible.

Sunday Morning - 4.20AM
We are going ALL over the house, sniffing. Where is the terrible smell coming from? The downstairs is much worse than the upstairs. It is HORRIBLE.

Sunday Morning - 4.45AM
Chris googles "burnt onion smell in house" and that doesn't help too much.

Sunday Morning - 5AM
We go back to bed - bothered by this crazy smell.

Sunday Morning - 6.30AM
The house smells like a skunk.
We all get up, get dressed, don't do our hair, don't shave, get the quickest Sunday Pictures ever, and get in the car and go to the church building. (We are there over 30 minutes early!)

Sunday Morning - 8.55AM
Worship is about to start and my good friend Jeanna comes in. She sits behind us and I tell her "I have been waiting for a good friend - I have to ask you something." She says "OK, no problem. What is it? .... Hey, do you smell that??"

OH... That was the question. Do we smell? Yes, yes, we smell like a skunk. Gross!

SO - DRAMA #2 - We smell like a skunk and everything in our house smells like a skunk. We boil some vinegar (Thanks for the Tip, Sharon and David) which has helped but it is still there. We are not sure if the skunk sprayed the crawl space or our unit.

According to a guy whose expertise is in this kind of thing (and who was nice enough to put in this trap for us to try to catch the skunk)

- it was pretty impossible to get into our crawl space and since it is worse downstairs than up and our downstairs unit is outside - I think it sprayed our unit. This means we have to wait for it to circulate into and outof our house enough to go away! JOY! GROSS!

Now you know why there was no blogging for a few days.... CRAZINESS!
And now you know why we may not invite you over to the house for a while - please don't be offended - it is not you. It is REALLY us!


JoniDH said...

My favorite part is the people at church saying "what's that smell".....sorry, but I REALLY laughed at your account of "Pepe Le Pew's" unfortunate choice of direction for a spray. Hope things are "clearing up" and you are not ousted to another room for worship.

And I loved the visual of Chris googling in the wee hours.......

Did Hannah say anything about the smell?

Grandmom said...

Wish I could help. Sorry I know nothing about these things except I've always had horrows of it happening.
How will you ever get the smell out of the house and cloths?

Betty said...

Again, sorry ya'll have had to deal with this - what a mess! Isn't the skunk going to get upset when it gets trapped? Don't they spray when they get upset? If not then, wouldn't they get upset when someone approaches the trap to move it?.......Have you gotten rid of the trap yet?

Betty said...

Oh, and I had also wondered if the odor had gone with you to Church - again, sorry.....

The Burgess Family said...

Oh my... what a mess!!! Now I understand why Chris had I hate skunks on his facebook message!! I hope the smell is gone soon!!! Oh, and gulp hard... check out our blog. We hit the winning stick at 6 months...

Wendy Worley said...

Burnt Onion smell... I could not explain the initial spray of a skunk before. I love that one! When we moved here I thought the house was on fire, an electrical fire, the smell was soo bad! It happened 2-3 times a week!! Right outside the bedroom window. Vick's Vapor rub helps you avoid the smell, when you can't stand to breath it anymore. Good luck!! I completely understand your pain!!! Lived with 12 for 3 months, and could not wait to move a half of mile down the road to still smell them 1 every 3 or 4 months! We have SKUNK CROSSING signs on the hwy, Seriously!!!

Wendy said...

Icky!!! We've had spiders, slugs, mice, and fishing worms to enter our house but as of yet no skunk order. Did anyone sit with you or move away from you at church?

Love you stinkers....

Aunt Wendy