Friday, February 6, 2009

Harris Teeter

Triple Coupons
Up to $.99
February 5-8

(Thanks Kathy for letting me know!)

I just finished up my Harris Teeter Run!
I am not as good at this as some but I was pleased.
I spent some time on the internet looking at the deals and finding just the right coupons.
I ended up buying 2 things full price because I just needed them.
I was too late for 3 free items.. they were all out already.

My Total was $108.80
I saved $13.87 with my VIC Card
I saved $53.32 with coupons
My total payment was $41.61!!!

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Melissa said...

I think you did wonderful! That's awesome! I went today but I really didn't "need" anything but I saw that I could get somethings I will need in the future for free or very cheap so I went to get those and my total was 55.02, I saved 8.22 on VIC card and 31.87 on coupons and my total OOP was
14.93. Not bad but you definitely scored big!