Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another Complete!!

I have finished another book. I read a book that my Grandmom gave me from our book swap at our Family Gathering. It is called Finders Keepers by Catherine Palmer. This is yet another love story.

This is from a series of books that are "inspirational" which just means they may talk about God and it is rated G for the most part. This means anyone could read it! It was very good, I really liked it.

Next, I have decided to do something for work. That stinks. SO, for the next month I will be reading my AIC (Associate in Claims) Book. This is the first test I have taken to get my AIC. There are 4. I take my test on October 19th so anyone who sees me between now and then, please remind me to STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!!!

I have 2 or 3 books waiting as my reward for when I have finished with the test and can read what I want again.

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JoniDH said...

STUDY!!! No Nicholas Sparks until you're finished!