Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Go Braves!!!

On Sunday we went to a Braves game before heading home. We were very sad that they lost but I was very excited to see John Smoltz pitch and I was very excited that my hubby got me a John Smoltz t-shirt. Hannah did OK but the game time was right in the middle of her nap time and she would not fall asleep on the Marta on the way there so she and I were a little loony. She decided at the game that she wanted to be independent for a minute. We are really going to have to watch this girl!

Someone came up to us and asked if we wanted our picture taken for the fan pictures on their website and, of course, we said YES! so go the braves website and you should be able to find us under game day shots in gallery three for September 2,2007.

We were very lucky that Hannah liked being on Chris' shoulders. If she didn't then we would have both been worn out even more than we already were ... (I did mention we forgot to bring a stroller - right?)


JoniDH said...

She looks so tiny....She really looks like she has gotten very confident with her walking - you're right, you will have to keep a sharp eye on her. I hope you can get a video of her doing the Braves chant...it's priceless!

Wendy said...

That's so cool! Almost as cool as going to a Cardinals game! :-) Ya'll looked like you had a great time. ww

Mindy said...

Oh yes, I forgot to tell everyone that she got her first Tomahawk and she does the Braves Chant. Also, she did have on a red and blue outfit to match us but right before we left to get on the Marta she messed it up. (I think you mothers know what I mean by "messed it up") I was very sad. I knew I should have brought 2 red and blue outfits, just in case!