Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hannah's New Thing

So, when we were on the Marta in Atlanta there was a pretty young guy (I may even call him a kid) sitting in the seat across the aisle from us. He was NOT interested in anyone. He didn't look at anyone. He didn't want to have anything to do with anyone and would especially not entertain any children. Well, you know who Hannah wanted to look at, wave at, and talk to -- right? This Guy!

He found what he wanted to listen to on his CD player, slouched down in the seat, crossed his arms, and looked at the window. Hannah looked straight at him arched her back a little and crossed her arms very emphatically! It was hilarious. Chris and I tried not to laugh and tried to get her to look at someone else. We didn't want him to see her mocking him.

In the car later I sat with my arms crossed and I looked back at her in her seat and she was staring at me, and this picture shows what she was doing. Crossing her arms. She is mocking us, a lot. We have to be careful.

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bettyd said...

A cute picture! Yes, she will be copying what she sees because she's so smart!