Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thankful Thursday

My grandparents are in Ireland right now. They have been doing mission work there since I can remember. It makes them so happy to be there. Sometimes I think that if they had it their way they would take all the people they love here in the US, pack them in a suit case and take us all to Ireland to live. Anyway, I am thankful they were able to go this year. It has made them very happy.

I am thankful for authors who write good love stories. It really helps me to have something for my me time.

I am thankful for the photographer who takes Hannah's pictures, Julie. She is the best. She talks to me about what I want, she lets me get all kinds of pictures of Hannah and us, and she is flexible about when she can meet with us. I am looking at one of her photographers here in a frame on our desk. It is of our whole family. I just love it. I am so thankful she does it.

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