Sunday, September 23, 2007

Favorite Friday

Yes, I am late once again!!! I am sorry. I will get it right soon!

This week's Favorite Friday is favorite laundry detergent. I don't know that I have a real favorite however, there is a good story about this. Chris and I tend to get the cheapest of something (anything) on a regular basis. My mom finally told us that we should really get a little bit better laundry detergent so our whites would look more white. She showed us what she uses and said we should think about it. Well, Chris went to the grocery store the next time we needed laundry detergent and got us Gain with bleach. This is great and we really like it. BUT, he got the powder, exactly like my Mom uses. My dad makes fun of her all the time for not using the liquid laundry detergent and now we don't either. Does anyone else use the powder?

The reason I think no one else does is because when you go to the grocery store to get some you have about an eighth of the isle to choose from for powder detergent and then the rest of the isle for liquid. (However, if you knew what a Laundry Queen my mother is, you would do whatever she does too! This is a compliment. I wish I was more like her in this manner... Chris wishes I was too.)

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JoniDH said...

Thanks for the compliment - I think!?!?! Oh, gotta run, the dryer just buzzed - hehehehehe!