Sunday, September 16, 2007

I Have A Dream!

Ok, so don't laugh but I have always wanted to write a book. I imagine it to be an "inspirational" book for women about the scriptures.

This may help you to picture it better. Maybe I should say that I want to put together a book... Not write it.

I am in the training department where I work and I just did a training workshop for all of the managers in the department. The workshop was based on the book Monday Morning Leadership by David Cottrell. The book is about a man who was once successful at what he did but he has gotten into a slump and can's seem to get his head above water. He decides to call a successful man that was friends with his father that does consulting and see if he would be willing to help him. The man agrees to meet with and counsel him for 8 Monday mornings in a row. (Hence, the name of the book.) Anyway, the first thing the Successful Consulter tells the Struggling Man is that he is not unique and everyone has these tough times.

As I read and taught on this I realized that one of my weaknesses is that sometimes I feel that I am the only one who feels a certain way or is having a problem or struggle. I am actually probably not the only one.

One of my struggles is getting into the scriptures enough and then, when I do, understanding and doing what they say I should. It is hard sometimes to put into action or live every day to honor those words of our Lord.

All that to say, my dream of a book is to have a scripture and then simply put down different people's thoughts or struggles or successes with that scripture. I want to know if someone else has a hard time with a scripture and then I want to know those who don't, and the things they do to honor that scripture. I want to know a man's perspective of a scripture or what other women think and feel about it. I want to know if there is someone else out there who doesn't remember a certain verse that was there, and is shocked. I want to know what others think.

As I have been thinking of this and blogging I have been thinking of all the things we use blogs for. Some use them as a journal, some use them as a way to share pictures and videos with loved ones, some use them to get out their frustrations, some use them to show others what they think of what is going on in the world, some use them to share recipes, some use them to keep accountable of loosing weight.... I could probably go on and on. Why don't we all use it to look at the scriptures together?

Here is my thought. (I know we are all very busy.) I will start a blog and every Sunday I will put a verse or group of verses on there. I will make it available to EVERYONE to comment. (even if you don't have a Google account) Thruout the week I will, at least 2 or 3 times, write something else about that Sunday Scripture. For example, another verse that correlates with it, or a definiton of a word, or history about the scripture, or anything... Thruout the week we can all try to focus of the scripture. On Sunday you may want to comment about what your first reaction to the scripture is... "this is difficult" "I have tried to study this verse before but it is so hard" " I do ____ every day to help me to honor this verse" Whatever! And then as your week goes on and you reflect on it yourself and what I find, comment and tell us what you have done this week regarding the verse or what your studies on the verse have found... or whatever.

OK, I feel like I have made this sound long and complicated when I meant for it to be something easy and fun for all of us. I will start it and see what you think. If it doesn't work, I will do something else. This just could be a way to keep each other accountable for getting into the scriptures on a regular basis.

The blog is

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Kathy said...

Mindy - I just re-located your blog and reading what you've posted for the last few months makes me realize how much I miss you!! Your daughter is adorable! Kathy C