Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Being with Family is always fun.

A mommy with her children
always makes a beautiful picture.

Look at these two sleeping beauties.
You don't think they were bored with
us do you?

What did I say about a Mommy
with her children. Always a beautiful

Hannah really thought she was
big stuff sitting with MawMaw
and Aunt Linda.

Uncle Andrew and Hannah
together again. They sure
do love each other.

Chris was very excited
about Hannah's new outfit.
I am pretty sure Hannah
liked it to.

Nannah and Hannah looking
at something new. It must be
very interesting.

Hannah kissing Tickle Me Elmo.
How sweet.

For all of you who thought I had
a hidden talent, this should take
care of that thought. At least you
get the idea. What a cute bunch!

The Drama!

We are always up for Aunt
Traci kisses. Any Day!


JoniDH said...

We sure enjoyed every minute with you three! I'm ready for MORE! Love you all!

Over here, it's me said...

Great pictures!

I see that Traci still can't open her eyes for a picture.

What drama? Joni's eye roll is a classic.

Hannah was certainly entertaining this year. It sure got quiet around here when you all went home.

Papa Joe