Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our Saturday Part Three

Finally, Cole, Savannah, and Hannah are able to get together to play without anyone being sick!

Hannah and Savannah had a wonderful time playing with the kitchen Santa brought to Hannah!

We could not get Cole and Hannah together and looking at us at the same time. They were way too busy. This picture says it all. Cole thinks this new toy he has never seen before is great and Hannah is not sure he is playing with it quite the way she wants him to. I think we are all still learning to share (especially Hannah)!

Hannah and Savannah sharing a splash in the bath.....

.... While Cole wants to know what all the fun squeals are about!


JoniDH said...

I love the picture of Savannah and Hannah on the steps - they both have a sparkle in their eye. Too bad there were no toys in the bathtub! Cole is always a hoot!

Sara Jo said...

We had so much fun! Thanks for having us over!!!