Friday, August 22, 2008

Blog Drama

I was so digusted last night that I didn't blog what I wanted to AND I didn't blog my frustration. I just turned off the computer and went to bed!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! And now, today, looking at my blog..... Frustration!

SO, I decided Wednesday night that I wanted a blog with 3 columns and I wanted a little purple color in it. Doesn't seem like too much to ask. Why I decided that 9.45 at night was the time to start this - I have no idea.

Here is the story...
(Just bare with me for a moment and let me whine!)

I saw this lady's blog from Patrice's blog and I liked her layout. I went to the site (The Cutest Blog on the Block) and it specifically said that I would not loose any of my sidebar information when changing backgrounds. GREAT! That is what I wanted to use.

SO, I looked at the 3 column designs and chose one. (Before I did anything I copy and pasted my old HTML into a word document - Just in case!) I did the instructions. I got the new template and I didn't loose any information. Yipppeeeeeeee! However, it was not a 3 column set up like I wanted. Booooooo!!!

SO, I put my blog back to the way it was. Again, no information has been lost at this point.

Next, I went to the same place I went to for my Recipe Blog. Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates. I found a 3 column template that I liked, read the instructions, made sure I still had the back up of my old html. Changed it. It was 3 columns!! Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I lost some of my information. Booooooooo!! Why just some? I have no idea. Why did it choose to keep a couple and not others? I have no idea. Well, I decided that it was getting late so I would put the blog back to the way it was and then, when I have time, change it and just take the time to add the stuff back that I wanted or try to figure out how not to lose it. I used my old html and guess what.... My information didn't come back. It was all still lost. Booooooo!

All day yesterday at work I was so upset and I decided that that night I was going to clean up supper, play with Hannah, put her to bed, clean up the bonus room and play room, and then spend the rest of the night until I went to bed fixing my blog. That was the main goal for last night.

Well, I tryed the first site again. Still not 3 columns (that is what it is now) and all my information was still gone.

I figured, if I am going to have to redo all my stuff I may as well do it on the template I want. SO I went back to the second site. Found the one I really wanted - tried to put it on and it wouldn't work at all.

I am determined to take care of this sometime this weekend.
This is probably the reason I should have just stuck with working with my friend Len in getting it done instead of trying to do it myself!!

Whew! Getting all that out feels better! (deep breath!)

Please Note: I am not at all complaining about these particular websites or giving any of these websites a "bad review" or anything. I completely know that the problem here is the user! I do realize that!
By The Way: Elizabeth, could I borrow Keith if I can't fix this myself? He did such a good job on your blog.


JoniDH said...

Hang in there, girl! You'll get it!

I Love You - hope that helps!

Libby said...

I hate that it didn't work for you. I couldn't have done it without Keith. He can help you this weekend, and hopefully it'll get straightened out.

Mindy said...

A 3 column blogger template is probably not really that important but now it is the principle of the thing!!

JoniDH said...

I see three columns now - Congratulations! Looks nice!

Grandmom said...

It looks nice. Only thing is the backgroud color is beautiful-- I like purple-- but my "old" eyes are having a problem with the reading on the color. I'll adjust.
Love you.

Grandmom said...

It looks nice. Only thing is the backgroud color is beautiful-- I like purple-- but my "old" eyes are having a problem with the reading on the color. I'll adjust.
Love you.

The Burgess Family said...

It looks good!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new profile picture you have! That is just too swett of you and Chris looking at Miss Hannah!!!

Libby said...

Love the new look! Let me know how you like three columns. I thought about it and wasn't sure if I would like it. I'm glad you got it all fixed.

Melissa said...

I like the new look here! Looks great! Is it where you want it now? I hope so because it looks awesome!

Julie said...

I love your new blog look! You did a great job!