Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Room For Justus

When we set up the nursery for Hannah we set it up in such a way that it could easily be converted into a boy room, if needed. To see the room before go to this post and check it out. Let me give you a tour of the "new" room. The Room For Justus!

We took down the Cinderella picture and the truck picture now hangs in it's place. We also switched the curtains so that the blue is in the middle and the pink is separated. And another truck picture is above the bed. We also flipped the bumper from the side with the animals facing out to the side with the blue gingham facing out.

We took down the picture of Simba and Nala loving on each other and put up the Toy Story picture from another wall in the room in it's place. We got a glider with blue for the corner and despite the way it looks in this picture - the ribbon around the horse is now blue.

Over the head of the bed is where the Toy Story picture was and now we have another truck picture. The Truck pictures came from our friends The Fergusons and they are SO cute (actually the glider came from them too - Thank You Brian and Kelli!!).

Nothing really new here. However you can see the new truck picture a little better.

Here is a better picture of the crib and another new truck picture. This is also the picture showing the secret pink in the room. Look under the crib. This is the same container we used for Hannah's clothes that she needs to grow into because it fits so perfectly under there. I don't have another one so we are just going to have to ignore the pink bin under the bed!!

With this being all set up and the beautiful shower some friends gave me this past Sunday (pictures and post will come soon), I am actually starting to feel like we are really going to be ready for Mr. Justus.

At least in material things we are. 2 children in 1 house and they are BOTH our responsibility -- that is a whole other thing.


The Burgess Family said...

It looks good!!! Hey, BTW... I was in Target las week and those bins that you LOVE and have all over your house, they are/were on sale for 5 bucks...not sure what they normally are but I thought that I would pass that along in case you needed any more...

JoniDH said...

What a fun room for Justus to come home to! It looks great!

Betty said...

Great job! Know you're excited to have it ready and I can't wait to see it in person and love on Justus in there!

Julie said...

I love the room for little Justus and by the way, I don't think I have told you, but I LOVE the name, Justus!! One of my sweetest most favorite uncles was named Justus! It is a good strong name! =)

Grandmom said...

Looks like the room for your wee man is ready and waiting. Looks sweet! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.