Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Sunday Pictures

Whew! This was a little bit of a crazy Sunday morning. Hannah, apparently, either has a cold or some major allergies. I think it is allergies. Claritin has helped her out today and there has been no fever.

Anyway, that meant that when she woke up this morning her hair was full of dried snot!! Very Exciting. So, an unexpected bath put us a little behind.

These Sunday Pictures feature wet hair and a wet upper lip. Enjoy!


JoniDH said...

She's beautiful even with wet lip and wet hair......Love You All!

Betty said...

Glad there's no fever, but sorry she's got such a runny nose! Doesn't seem to keep her from smiling her beatiful smile though.

Grandmom said...

You are beautiful and look so happy. Love your Sunday dress.