Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Sunday Pictures

We had a wonderful weekend with our family. It was my family's Family Gathering. Unfortunately, we "lost" our camera on Saturday (it ended up being in a bag that we did look in) so all the pictures we have from the weekend are Sunday pictures. Since that was all we got. I had to share lots of them..... Enjoy!

Daddy Helping Hannah Put Her Shoes On.

Grandpop And Hannah Sharing Their Morning Drink Time Together.
One Prefers Milk. One Prefers Coffee.

Hannah Really Thought This Was Lots Of Fun.
Grandpop is Always Lots Of Fun.

Hannah is Being Sure That Grandpop Drinks His Morning Drink Properly!

Hannah Then Insists Grandpop Try Some of Her Morning Drink. He Just Doesn't Know What He is Missing By Drinking that Coffee Instead of Milk!

Hannah Decides It Is Time To Give The Girls a Little Lovin'.
Aunt Wendy and Mollie Seem Just Fine With That.

Hannah Sharing Her Lollipop (that she would not stop asking for) With Grandpop. They Have a Great Time with This. I Think Grandpop May Have Ended Up a Little Sticky After a Few Minutes of This Game.

AW and Mollie.

Aunt Teresa and Uncle Perry.

Aren't They a Beautiful Mother Daughter Pair.
Grandmom and Aunt Wendy.

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JoniDH said...

Great pictures! I really missed out not being there Sunday, huh? Love You All!