Monday, August 25, 2008

Exciting Day

YES!! I finally got a purple 3 column blog and yes, you will be seeing this for a while. I am not interested in changing it myself again any time soon. I did learn a little about html which was kinda neat. But I still have not gotten my list of websites up yet. That will be coming soon.

My sidebar was starting to look a little junkie and no matter how I arranged it I couldn't get it to look organized to me. With 3 columns I can put picture stuff on one side and other stuff on the other. I am very excited.

Someone told me that blogger will now allow you to add Adsense to your sidebar as a gadget and if anyone is on your blog and clicks on the ad you will get money. They said you could also set it to not put ads on your blog that you did not want ... SO nothing unfamily-friendly. Has anyone heard about this or done it? What do you think?

No, I have not quit the Monday Menu Planning but I have not taken the time to get it all down on the blog the last couple of weeks. I may try to put this weeks' on tomorrow but no matter what - I promise to get it together for next week and be sure to put it on!! I am really proud of us. I think we have done really well with it!

Another exciting thing about today. ONE MONTH from today until our scheduled CSection. So, at the very longest, we are a family of 3 for only one more month. CRAZY to think the time is already so close. I feel like I have so much to do!

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Betty said...

I like your new blog. Poppa and I were saying this weekend, "one month from Monday". A family of four! Can't wait!