Thursday, August 28, 2008

Celebrating Justus

I mentioned earlier that a few of my wonderful friends had a baby shower for me to celebrate Justus. It was so beautiful and so much fun. I am so thankful they did it. Our sweet boy will now be clothed!! YAYAYAYAY!!

Here are the beautiful hostesses. It is a little blurry but I had to put the picture in. And I have no idea why they put the big pregnant lady in the front so you can't see them all. Anyway, Elizabeth, Julie, and Shana really know how to make a girl feel special.

This is what I see when I walk up. Didn't Julie do a wonderful job with the wreath? It is SO SO cute.

This was hanging from the fireplace. I can't get over it. The look and the words were so wonderful.

Elizabeth did her first baby shower cake just for me. Not only did it look great but it also tasted wonderful. Didn't she do a great job?

And check out the paci mints that Shana made. How cute? I have never seen anything like it. They were wonderful!!

I gave my camera to my friend Rebecca and told her to get to snapping for me! She did. And of course, she snapped us opening presents first and I also don't have one picture of her!!
I was so excited that Sara Jo got to come. And she was able to hang out with Elizabeth and I as I opened presents. It was great!

Jaynie and Laura

Dorea and Julie

Ashley, Mrs. Carol, and Julie
(Mrs Carol is the one that teaches us new moms about Growing Kids God's Way and is so wonderful at it - She has really been a blessing in our lives. And shares a laugh often as you can see!)

Mrs Cooley, Mrs Poston, and Mrs Sweeney

Aren't they all so beautiful. There are a ton more pictures but I didn't think I would put all of them up showing all our mouths open talking. You get this group of girls together (there were at least 35 of us there) and there is NOT a quiet moment.

Thank You to everyone for thinking of my family during this time.
You all are such a blessing to me and Chris.
We Love you so much.


JoniDH said...

How wonderful to have such special friends! Everything looks beautiful and yummy and FUN! You are blessed!

Betty said...

Everything looked SO GREAT! They went the extra mile putting in all the extra touches. Can't wait to see the other pictures - when I get to see the Doughtie family in September!