Tuesday, August 11, 2009


No need to call them Justus and Layne.

Just refer to them as Simba and Nala.


I have claimed her for him since before she was born. And I think they are starting to see it already. Very early on! She is only 8 months younger than he is. It could work.

2 things you do need to know about this betrothal..

I am the only parent involved that has openly and verbally agreed to this betrothal.

I do realize this doesn't really work. Just let me dream, please!

Yes, Hannah is also betrothed and, yes, the previous two points apply to that betrothal also!


JoniDH said...

Very very sweet pictures. Justus seems intrigued......Who is Hannah betrothed to?

Mindy said...

Hannah is betrothed to Cole!

Grandmom said...

Now at what age are we speaking about? Maybe about 40...huh
Cute pictures.