Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Washing the Dishes

Very Very Serious Washing of the Dishes!

This started at my parents house. We were trying to cook. She was busy busy all around us and of course wanted to do all we were doing. Mom got a step stool, got some non-breakable items, put some soap, a washcloth, and water in the sink and told her she could wash the dishes.

She loves loves loves playing with water and this keeps her occupied for a good 30 minutes or more.

So, I tried it at home. It worked great! The only thing is that we have hard wood in our kitchen. Let's just say she is not the most tidy dish washer. We have to choose.

Possible floor damage and a bigger water bill but with a much quieter home for a moment.


No floor damage, a normal water bill, and a little girl asking us regularly if she can wash dishes.

I am sorry Mr Dave Ramsey but a quiet home may win out every once in a while!!


dgayle said...

So Serious!!!!
I remember this with all my nieces and nephews and they loved it, too.
Can't you invent a Mommy's helper mat for the floor?

JoniDH said...

Great idea, Gayle! She really loves this - I have pictures from our house AND she got to wash dishes a little when we were there - until Papa Joe had to clean the refrigerator where a gallon of tea was spilled inside! I need to post the ones I have on my blog - think I will!

Thinking about the Mommy's helper mat......thanks, Gayle.

Hannah, Nannah has dishes that need washing in 'bout it?

Wendy said...

What a big girl!!! We have dirty dishes at our house too!!
love you

Aunt Wendy