Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our Sunday Pictures

Well, take a look at our real Sunday Morning.
Drama Drama Everywhere!

I Love Sunday Pictures!


JoniDH said...

I love Sunday pictures, too. Having been there on Sundays; so glad you publicly shared some of the DRAMA pictures. Guess that's why we all love out takes..Started my morning with a laugh! You just need some pictures of the photographers and the sighs and eye rolls......

You did get some really good ones.

Hannah, I LOVE your princess dress! Justus, you are just too cute - always!

Love you all.

Grandmom said...

I love Sunday pictures too. Somes times I want credit for the idea?
Hope this works --- I've reset with google.

Grandmom said...

It worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mindy said...

YAY! Grandmom! I am so excited you are back! You and Grandpop did tell us about taking pictures of the kids every day and so you all did give us the idea of Sunday pictures. (We just couldn't do it every day!) Thank You. I love you!