Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hannah Funny

One Saturday morning Chris is hanging out with the kids without his shirt on. No big deal. Happens all the time.

Well, Chris was sitting down on the floor and Hannah wanted him to get up and do something or see something or play something or ..... something. Well, Chris said that he would come but she has to pick him up off the floor.

Hannah just looked at him and said "Yuck. No Daddy. I can't pick you up. You have lots of hair under there!"

(You know we pick Hannah and Justus up under their arms!)

He He He He Ha Ha Ha

That just cracked me up!


JoniDH said...

I'm with you, Hannah - Yuck!
You always make us laugh, Miss Hannah Banana!

dgayle said...

Children notice, hear and comprehend so much more than we think they do. They are so precious.

Wendy said... are so funny! i love you.

aunt wendy

Grandmom said...

Yeah Hannah. I agree with you. You are such an observant little lady. Which makes you smart! Love you bunches!