Friday, August 7, 2009

Daddy's Girl

This girl!


Well, let me just say, I should have seen something like this coming.

Let me rewind for a moment and tell you a little story. True Story! I was dating Chris in college. He was a pool manager which meant he did take some shifts on lifeguarding. He was at a pool. Obviously not a lot of people there. He was trying to find something to do so ..... he decided to see what would happen if he put his cell phone in the pool.

He really put his cell phone in the pool just to see what would happen. Really. Guess what! The phone never worked again. Interesting huh? Never could have guessed that ending - huh?

Well Well Well. If Hannah didn't ask me if she could take her play Aerial cell phone out side. I told her she could but that if she got sand or water in it or if she left it outside then it may not work and could ruin the phone. She said OK. I explained a second time the dangers of breaking it and that I was not at all responsible for it. She said OK.

Guess what she did. She dumped it in her water table. Guess why she said she dumped it in the water. Yep. Just to see what it would do. Guess what! The phone will never work again. Interesting huh? Never could have guessed that ending - huh?

Crazy thing about both stories.
They both knew their possible consequences.
They both took the same risk - knowingly.
They both got the same bad result.
They were both OK with it.
Acceptance of the outcome was had by all.

Oh my, I love those two!!


Christopher said...

Lets not forget I was ready for a new cell phone. I hated that thing

dgayle said...

We learn a lot by our mistakes don't we.

JoniDH said...

Oh my, the adventures you still have in store......I see Christopher is still justifying his actions......

Wendy said...

Well, All I can say is...JUSTUS!!! Don't let your sister use YOUR toys to see how they work or what will happen to them in water!!!
i love you
aunt wendy

Melissa said...

I hope she doesn't decide to do a lot of the things Chris did growing up cause you sure will have your hand full!

One story to mention is while chris was at daycare, someone, not sure if it was Chris or not, threw a toy out the window (it was already open) and Chris went out the window to get the toy, why did he go out the window to get the toy, cause that is the way the toy went out.

Let me know if you want to know some more stories of Chris so you know what you might have to be on the look out for!