Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Something's Different

Noticing anything different about our sweet boy?Anything about these pictures seem kinda strange?

Yes, he is wearing shoes. I think this was the 4th time he had worn them.
He is wearing them because he is doing this ..........................

....... more and more and more and more.
What Fun!


Grandmom said...

He'll be out running you before you know it! Loved his laughs of accomplishments and fun!

Betty said...

Two happy boys! He's such a fast crawler, he knows he can get there faster that way. Look out!

JoniDH said...

SHOES!!!!! He looks strange in shoes :-)

Wow - he is SO SO SO cute! Way to go, Justus! Can't believe you are walking already! Nannah will never be able to keep up with you now - you were a challenge crawling.

I Love You!

Wendy said...

Great job Justus!!!

i love you
Aunt Wendy

The Burgess Family said...

Yah for walking!!!

Over here, it's me said...

Hip Hip Hoorah! Justus, I am pleased to see you walking. Now you can join Hannah and me in the garden with your new shoes and stomp a few bugs.

Papa Joe

Melissa said...

Way to go Justus! We are proud of you over here!