Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Happy Couple

Chris asked me at the beginning of the trip to maybe not point and awe at every cool thing I saw. And maybe, just maybe, don't look up at a building and take pictures of every single cool thing I saw. He was hoping we would blend in a little. Just fit in and not be an annoying tourist to all the locals. I tried. Really. Can't you tell with all these crazy pictures?

Anyway, this meant that I was worried we would not get very many pictures of us. I am happy to say we did get a couple. 2 people offered to help us. We used the timer. And we took some of ourselves on our own (which is why in some of them you can see up our noses!).

What a fun trip!
Happy 5th Anniversary Chris!
I had such a wonderful time with my hubby!
I love you Mr Christopher!


JoniDH said...

It's okay to be tourists! So glad ya'll had such a fun trip - I think I'd like to visit Chicago sometime!

Mindy, I just love your hair cut!

We love both of you very much - Happy 5th!

Wendy said...

Ya'll look GREAT and Happy!
Happy Anniversary!
aunt wendy