Saturday, August 22, 2009

Food Food Food

What exactly is this meant to be a picture of?
Look at it closely.
No, the answer is not too much rice in my pantry.
Look in front of the rice.
What do you see?


This is where the baby food use to be. There is now NONE in my home and .... guess what .... we are loving all the extra space!! Yippppeeeeee! Baby Layne now has all the baby food we had left and Justus can eat anything that is cut into small bites except peanuts/peanut butter and shellfish. (Our pediatrician suggests to wait until they are 2 for those things because of possible allergies.)

We. Can. Handle. It.

So a possible day in the life of Justus food-wise would be:

Breakfast: Cheerios, cut up grapes, and formula
Snack: Puff Snacks and Juice
Lunch: Vienna sausages, green beans, and formula
Snack: Banana or popsicle, and formula
Supper: cut up whatever we are having

AND, we are almost done with bottles too. YAYAYAYAY!

YES, this is from the mother who, with her first child, forgot about trying to go to sippys until the Day Care Teacher mentioned it, way past time to start trying. I was so afraid it was too late and she would be on a bottle until college.

WHEW! Started a little quicker with this second one, thankfully!


JoniDH said...

Yea! And appears Justus is much more interested in eating than worrying about pictures being taken. Eat up, Justus!

Wendy said...

Yay Justus! What a big boy!
I love you!
Aunt Wendy