Friday, August 21, 2009

What Type of Learner are you?

My cousin Mollie just started high school this year and she took a test to see what kind of learner she was. I thought it sounded pretty interesting so I found a quiz on line to tell me what kind of learner I was. This was the result:

788 other people got this result! That's 21%

Your Result

Visual learners like to arrange their space and their work; remember what they see rather than what they hear and don't rely on verbal messages. Write them down. Visual learners respond to color, art, and mapping; and may know what to say but have difficulty coming up with the right words. Visual learners like to have to have plan, are good organizers, and would rather show you than tell you. Visual learners usually don't mind outside noise, and doodle during phone conversations, classes, and meetings. Visual learners are often good spellers, and usually need to have verbal instructions repeated. They enjoy reading and would rather read than to be read to; need to see the 'whole picture' before they have a clear idea. For making decisions you might list out the pros and cons. For asking directions you might prefer a map or landmarks. And for learning skills you'll probably respond better to diagrams or watching someone else do it.

Does that sound like me to you? I know one thing - I am NOT a good speller. That is for sure!!!

If you want to know what type learner you are go HERE! Have Fun!


JoniDH said...

Guess what? I am the same as you!

Grandmom said...

Well what do you know...I am a visual learner also.

Grandmom said...

I meant auditory learner - which includes the visual -.