Saturday, August 29, 2009


Remember that I said Hannah was also betrothed? Well, here they are!Cole and Hannah!
Yes, they are holding hands behind Cole's back.
I can prove it. LOOK!!
Don't they just look like they are having the best little conversation?
I think, just as Layne and Justus are seeing it, Hannah and Cole are starting to see it too!
How Cute!
Once again, yes, I am the only parent involved that has openly and verbally agreed to this betrothal and yes, I do realize this doesn't really work.
Remember - Just let me dream, please!

I actually did not claim Cole before he was born since he was born first and Hannah was not being thought about at that time. However, I do have something more here....

Cole's sister gives her stamp of approval!!
Thank You, Savannah, for supporting this cause!


Betty said...

Sweet pictures of sweet children - hopefully friends for life - or maybe more!?!

Elizabeth said...

How cute!

JoniDH said...

Precious, precious pictures!