Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just 3 More Places

#1 McDonald's
Yes, I said McDonald's. Don't hate. Look at this crazy two story McDonald's! It has an escalator in it. It's dollar menus are actually $1.90 menus. It has 2 drive thru lanes. Crazy. And by the way they have at least 8 different types of seating. I tried to get Chris to take a picture in each of them but he was not quite in to it. SO, I told him to Be Fun and smile. He did for some of the pictures and simply refused to sit in 2 of the pretty chairs. Silly! :-)
#2 Michigan Avenue
Well, Well, Well, can't we spend some money on Michigan Ave if we want to. Look at how many stories of Bloomingdale's there are!! What? Economy Problem? What Economy Problem? There is no Economy Problem. Check out all the people on Michigan Ave. And most have bags with them. Crazy!

#3 Gino's East
Our first taste of Deep Dish pizza. It was pretty yummy. I had no idea deep dish pizza was not only in a very deep crust (obviously) but the order of things was a little different too. Crust, Cheese, Toppings, then Sauce. Definitely need deep dish pizza from Gino's when you go to Chicago. Thanks Becca and Elizabeth for letting us know about this place!!


Lovely life of Jennie said...

Great pictures Mindy! Loved em...and Chris is such a trooper to have all those pics taken of him at mcd's...looks like he enjoyed it!

Julie said...

Oh Mindy, that is so hilarious that you made him sit in all those chairs! LOL! But so glad you got the pictures...fabulous! I can't wait to show DH those!

Ya'll remind me of another couple I knew long ago....US!